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Make Your Own Zouave Fez

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 Instructions for Making a Tassel
1. Cut a piece of cardboard or manila file folder into a square 2 to 4 inches in width. Cut a small notch at the top of the square. Tie yarn around the cardboard at the notch.  
2. Wrap yarn around the cardboard as shown in the picture above. Make sure to run the yarn under the previously tied yarn to ultimately make a knot around the top of the tassel.   Continue wrapping the yarn around the cardboard until the tassel is the width you desire.  
3. Once you have created the tassel width you want, make sure the top of the tassel is secure. Then, cut the bottom part of the yard so that it creates the "ends" of the tassel.  Then, make sure to carefully remove the tassel from the cardboard. 
4. Tie yarn around the top of the tassel and tie it securely. Make sure to leave plenty of extra yarn to use the tassel to connect to the fez.  

Instructions for Making Your Own Zouave Fez 
  1. Cut several 4”X5” inch strips of cardboard or manila folder. Staples these strips together until you are able to completely warp the cardboard around your head.  

2. For a child size head, fold a piece of 8 ½ by 11 felt or construction paper in half lengthwise, and cut in half. For an adult size head, use a piece of felt or paper that is 11” X 18”. 
3. Staple this length of paper or felt to the cardboard or manila strips you cut for step 1. Make sure to wrap the felt or paper around the edges of the cardboard, so that the fez has a clean edge. 
4. Wrap around the head a second time. Staple the felt and cardboard together at point that allows the hat to fit snugly on the head. 
5. Cut a cardboard or manila folder circle, about 4 inches in diameter. You may have to adjust the size of this circle, depending on the size of your head. It should be slightly smaller than the headband.  
6. Cut a circle of felt or construction paper about ½ inch wider than the cardboard circle. Glue the two circles together. Wait for the glue to dry.  
7. Poke a small hole through the center of the circles. Thread a tassel through this hole. Make sure to knot the yarn on the “inside” side of the circle so that it will stay on the hat.  
8. Turn the headband over and fit it over the circle. Put glue around the outside edge of the felt or the paper. Pull the edges of the circle around the edge of the headband, so that the paper or felt adheres properly.  If you have trouble getting the top of the hat to fit to the sides, a spary glue might work better.


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