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Zoutube Fighting Regiments of War of Rights

Fighting Regiments of War of Rights - 72nd Pennsylvania "Fire Zouaves"

The 72nd Pennsylvania, who was originally known as the 3rd California, was raised in Philadelphia for the California Brigade thanks to efforts of Colonel Edward D. Baker. The regiment recruited among the Firemen of the city and gave credit to California in the Federal Army. They would first fight at Ball’s Bluff but lose their beloved Colonel. After the battle, Pennsylvania would reclaim the Brigade and rename it to the Philadelphia Brigade, with the regiment being renamed as the 72nd Pennsylvania. The regiment would go on to fight during the Peninsula, Seven Days Battles, and the Northern Virginia Campaigns. 

During the Maryland campaign, the regiment would be under the Command of Colonel DeWitt Baxter of Howard’s Brigade of Sedgewick’s Division of Sumner’s Second Corps and would participate in the attack on the West Woods. They would split in two battalions with one following the attack of Sumner’s II corps while the other would reinforce the federal who captured the Dunker Church. Both battalions would experience heavy fighting when Longstreet sent reinforcing brigades to support Jackson around the church, as the brigades reach the west woods, they found themselves on the flank of the Federals and smashed into them with devastating vollies. The two 72nd Battalions would be the first units to experience this flank and would falter soon after, losing around 35% of their numbers before retreating with the rest of their division. 

Currently, you can find the 72nd Pennsylvania on the maps of West Woods and Dunker Church. 

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